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  Tel: 07594583716
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Didi cars, toddler roller coaster, disco party box & more!

Want to add some extra fun? some disco beats? bit of sparkle? cater for adults too? Look no further!

Our amazing add on's are here to help

  • Didi cars
    Didi cars
  • Disco Box
    Disco Box
  • Lazer light from our disco box
    Lazer light from our disco box
  • Hip Hop Ponies
    Hip Hop Ponies
  • Giant connect 4
    Giant connect 4
  • Giant Jenga
    Giant Jenga
  • Baby Area
    Baby Area
  • Space Hoppers
    Space Hoppers
  • Rockers
  • Professional Face Painting
    Professional Face Painting
  • Professional Face Painting
    Professional Face Painting

Didi cars - 10 cars £45

These fab little ride on cars are suitable for children 3 years up to adults.

You simply wiggly the steering wheel and your off, hours of fun and very popular!

(Inside use only please)

Disco Box - £25

Brand New to the Play Palace this fantastic party box does it all. Lights, amazing amp and bluetooth technology or if your old school (like me) plug it into a CD player and enjoy the show. We can also provide a microphone for all you karaoke queens or great if you would like to make announcements.

Toddler Roller Coaster - £15 each

      These amazing little coasters are hugely popular with children aged 2-5 years. Great add on to any little ones party comes                               with mats either side too. Due to popular demand ,we now have two so you can now have roller coaster racing!

Hip Hop Ponies - 6 for £15

           Bright, sturdy & fun these ponies are a great add on for little ones. Much more supportive than a normal space hopper 

                                                                                 these horses come in a herd of 6.

Giant Connect 4 £25 & Giant Jenga £15

                                                          Play the giant versions of these great games, fab add on for any event.

Baby Area - £20

If you have lots of little guests, our baby area might be just the job. Foam matting with two bumbo chairs and a range of good quality clean tots to keep little minds occupied. 

Space Hoppers & Rockers - £10

                                                                         Add some bouncing or rocking fun, it's up to you. 

Professional Face Painting - £80

These amazing face painters are fast, professional and very talented. They can paint to a theme if required re frozen, spider man etc or children can use their imagination. Face painting is suitable for children over 3 years of age, younger children my have a hand or cheek painted if they are happy to do so. Our fab face painters can complete a party of 25/30 guests in 2 hours with every guest being painted, more children may be painted if they have a arm or cheek painted. They are also available for community and corporate events.

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